A fan confesses searching for soulmate “Lee Min Ho”

Dear Oppa, a fan writes an open letter to Lee Min Ho to show her love to him and wishes to meet him one day.

In today’s edition, we will discuss about the letter that was sent to Lee Min-ho from the Indian fan girl named Aysha Nazarudeen. In her letter she admits that she is looking for a partner like Lee Min Ho. She also said that her biggest dream is to visit Seoul and have a cup of coffee with her most adorable actor Lee Min Ho.

As you all know, Lee Min Ho is the most prominent figure in subcontinent countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. He get success in Boys over Flowers 2009 but make most famous dramas onward and his latest drama was “The King: Eternal Monarch” in which he done a great job.

As there are a lot of K-Drama Fans in the subcontinent, everyone wants to send a love word to his favorite K-Drama actor but she also expressed that she is watching Korean Dramas from the age of 13 and now she is 22 years old. She also said that she always wanted to send a letter to him but now she get succeeded in it and she admires her love to Lee Min Ho.

Want to express your feelings to your favorite actor send your open letter now at [email protected] , mentioning your full name and country. This is the opportunity to readers from across the globe.

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