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How to Save Boys From Bad Habits?

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Topic: Parents is the reason that young boys starts smoking

In the world of technology, many children choose the bad way to get rich or to fulfil your desire. As the technology grows, the habits of young teen boys change from respect to aspect. As you know, there are many of many children who become celebrities in the young age now a days. But it also motivates others to become one of those too but if they fail to get that position then they choose the wrong way. This leads to the bad habits that grows in the young boys. There are some bad habits that can grow easily in young boys now a days.

1. Smoking
2. Drinking
3. Drugs
4. Weapons

The habits that I tell above are from mean to extreme level first he starts to smoke but when he feels cool to smoke then he starts to drink. Drink can easily take the young boys to drugs and as you know with drugs nobody can stop themselves from killing or use weapons to put others in danger. So, I will explain how the young boys start these things and how we can prevent them from these types of bad habits.


                                         It’s true that “Smoking can Kills a Man” because it is the base of the bad habits and if the base takes the strong position in someone’s life then it takes the man from mean to extreme and wouldn’t stop until the man die. There are many reasons from which a young boy can start smoking but I will talk about the main points that can take the young boys to bad habits. Following are the reasons that can take young boys from good to bad boys.

1. Parents
2. Studies
3. Relationships
4. Jealousy
5. Friends

1. Parents:

                       Yes, it’s right the first reason for a young boy to start smoking is his parents itself. When the parents never leave the boys alone and take interfere his life then he feels awkward and want to live alone away from the parents because his parents didn’t take him serious and always do what they want him to do. This type of behaviors takes him to relief himself and the best way to smoke and try to forget what the parents said to him. There could be other reason with respect to parents like the parents didn’t care about your children which leads the children to smoking or bad habits or the parents don’t want to live together which also stress the young boys.                      

Now, the main point is how we can prevent the children or young boys from smoking according to this point of view. First, it’s true that when the young boys start thinking about themselves then it’s the time to take some steps back from their babysitting and give them some space which can help them to breathe freely and they’ll not become the part of bad habits. The other condition is when the parents don’t care about children’s or young boy’s desire. In this situation, as a guardian or parent you have to take some serious steps about them. If you want that your children will not become part of bad habits then start thinking about them but remember start it from little steps and one by one. And the last condition is when the parents want to get divorced. In this condition many Parents didn’t think about children at that time but become anxious after it happen that the young boy start smoking. If you are Parent then you have to think about your children and it can save not only one life but many lives.

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