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Jealousy Can Make You Bad

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Jealousy is not the bad word itself but the people who feel that type of feeling can be bad because as we discuss in the last article that the relationships can also take the young teen boys to the bad habits and the main reason in relationship is the jealousy that’s why you have to be relax whenever you feel jealous. It’s true that most of the good people also do jealous from the other but it’s not the bad thing at all but the bad thing is that you go from jealousy to revenge because in most of the cases the young teen boys take himself to bad habits due to jealousy.

                    Let’s take an example, there is a boy in my class that is richer than me and take expensive things daily. I might be jealous of him that he is rich and then I will also want to become rich and there are many thugs in the world who will be ready to take you and give you dreams to be rich in some days and in young age with the high level of spirit you will go there and they will use you as a bait and earn money. You have to give a time to yourself to think about good and bad. Forget what the world say and forget what the religions say to you but think about himself and decide what you want if you want to become good then follow the rules to become good one but if you want to be a bad then you have to know that the bad people live a small life because in the world of crime they do what they want to get your life. I am not here to take you from bad to good side but I am here to give you some difference between bad and good and it’s your thing to decide you are good or bad. If you are good then you have to become good and if you are bad then you have to become a bad one for everyone that no one can reach you and your love ones. But you have to know one thing before that the bad people always feel bad in the whole life because it’s nature thing. And the good one even lives a very normal life but they live happily with the family and love ones.

                                  As we talk that the jealousy can take you and the young teen boys to the bad habits and the beginning of these bad habits is smoking. If your boy start smoking then you have to be strict because if he goes too far then you will not be able to take him back. The best way to be strict on him to care about him and you have to take an eye on him. Because in teen age most of the boys also go to bad habits just for the fun and to be cool. If you have young teen boys then you have to be careful until they get adult.

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