Nutrition in science is the study of food.

The science of nutrition is the study of food and its relationship to the well-being of the human body. It includes:

The study of requirement foods, the nutritive value of food, the selection of food which we intake. Actually the word nutrition is taken from “Nourish” which means to sustain with food. Here is I define the nutrition now I’m define what is the food which we intake for healthy life. Food is one of the principal material needs of the man, which not only satisfy our appetite but also necessary. Now I’m going to explain the food function because everyone will eat but no one think that what is the function of food so I’m explain here. To supply heat and energy to maintain the body, the second is for growth and repair of body tissues, to protect the body against infection. These are the important function of food. International agencies says that the food is really important for the health of man survive. They says that it helps to raise living standers. Improve nutrition of the people of all countries. To better the condition of rural people. So it increases productive work. It increases production of food to keep safe. Here I explain the food and functions of food now I’m going to explain the composition of food.

The food have these elements: Carbohydrates, Vitamins, protein’s, fats, minerals and water. By look they are simple but in every element they are very important and explainable. So I’m just describe some of them. In carbohydrates they are very explainable but I’m tell here by simple method. They are the compound made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. But they have a long explanation. Now we move on the next element. The next is Fat. The fats are oily substance that is necessary for the human diet. These are the organic compounds. Fats are the two types the first is Animal and the other is Vegetables. Let me tell you these are really important for body. The next is the most important and most common use is the Protein. Proteins are the organic compounds made up of Nitrogen. Proteins are very important for healing and growth of body parts. The fact is that there is 20 amino acids in nature. Now the other next is Minerals. These are essential inorganic natural substances. Essential minerals are here  they are like sodium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, iron, phosphorus.  The next is the my most favorite is Vitamins. Vitamins are found in different foods vegetables or fruits. Every fruits have different vitamins and all are essential for body or skin. The last one is water and without water no one hope of survive.

Every elements which is in nature are vital for human body or skin but in limit because the excess use of that elements give harm to the body and human body can’t take any little risk. If anyone take benefits from them go to the doctor and take prescription. Don’t use any vitamins on your own.

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