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Relationship can give you stress

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This is very common in young teen age boys to start smoking due to bad relationships. It’s true that when you are in young age you can do some mistakes in relationships but most of the time it only gives you stress because it’s not your age to be in relationship. I am not saying that it’s not your age to make friends but some young boys take it wrong that the friendship is also a relationship. No, it’s not because in relationship you have to care of your partner and yourself but in friendship you don’t have care for both but in friendship It need trust not jealousy but in relationship one’s can recognize by jealousy which tells how much your partner love you. Most of the young teen age boys just want not to be alone so they find partner but in most of the time they choose the wrong partner which only gives them stress as we discuss before and the stress take you to the bad habits and for the young boys smoking is the beginning of the bad habits because you don’t know how far he can go.

          Yeah, that’s true. Most of the time the partner you choose want to be a partner of other one. This situation can also make you crazy because it’s nature and nature can’t lose the control that’s why you have to understand. Most of the boys thinks that If they love her then she has to love back too but it’s not true love. The reason is that love may not be two way but it doesn’t mean it can’t be. If you love someone and she didn’t then you have to wait to realize her that you are good for her but even then, she didn’t want you then you have to step back because it’s best for you and for her. Most of the boys thinks that they can’t live without the girls they love but it’s not true because if you can control your mind that is the most difficult thing in the world but most coolest too then you will forget her not in years or months but in weeks because it’s also the nature’s thing that the time can heal you wounds. But you have to be careful because as the time heal you wounds then that wounded place will not be able to bear any other wound.

                It’s true that is the love the best way to live a beautiful life but it’s not the easy way because in love you have to trust each other and if you don’t have trust then you life can become a mystery or history because in mystery you have to bear so much things and in history you have to forget everything and the one you love. Remember if you get what you want mean if you get the one you love then you have to tick some points that you didn’t do something bad to get because if you do then you have to wait the time when you will face the consequences of this mistake. I am calling it mistake because the end of that type of people is very bad.

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