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Studies can take young boys to Smoking.

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Yes, it’s true that the studies can take the young boys to smoking because now a days the studies are more stressful than the old days because of new revolution. Due to a lot of stress the young boys feel empty so they start to smoke just to relax themselves. As it is the nature that the man chooses the short way to do things and to smoke is the easiest way to relax themselves but it can take the young boys to death. But it’s not all true that studies surely take the young boys to the bad habits because if you want to get some knowledge you have to study the knowledge but if the knowledge take you to the bad things then it is better to be illiterate.

 It is also true that every bad thing starts from the good things. As Knowledge is the key of everyone’s life and without knowledge no one can live a happy life but it doesn’t mean you have to take admission in school, college or university to get knowledge but you can get knowledge from anywhere but now a days every parent want to send their children to school, college or university in order to get them studies. In this process, they forget to follow their desire and didn’t want to ask your children what they want. Due to these children take stress and to decrease the stress they choose smoking which is the easiest way to get out of stress.

This is also a problem that the young children who take everything more serious than the normal they took pressure of studies more seriously than the others. This type of children can get bad habits more easily then the others. If you are parent or guardian, it’s your duty to look after your children not only about their food or clothes but also think about them to put themselves at their place. This can help the children to get out of stress.

To prevent from this type of bad habits you have to do following things for the good of your children. Basically, the young boys feel lonely at the age of 15. So, give them some time but carefully don’t stick to them because they want to live with someone but they didn’t want that you will interfere in their life. Then you have to give them some time this will also reduce the risk of getting bad. You don’t have to pressure them to study hard. Yeah, it’s okay to give them some advice to study and get good marks but if you force them to study hard even, they try hard but you didn’t satisfy from them then this will lead them to get bad. So, if you didn’t force them or didn’t torture them to study then it will also good for you and your children to prevent them from bad habits like smoking because smoking can kill a man and it’s a key point to get into other bad habits.

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