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As everyone know the year 2021 is the best year for K-Dramas lovers so everyone is excited of new drama and upcoming Korean Dramas in Hindi Dubbed. So, here is the new list of Upcoming Korean Dramas in Hindi Dubbed.


Goblin : Korean Drama Review | PinoyTechSaga

Goblin is a drama of 2016 which has 20 episodes and the story revolve around the Goblin who is the lonely and great God who has the duty on earth as a Death wish. This Drama get my attraction in 2017 and with my point of views this is my one of the best drama I have ever watch. There are 2 more couples in this drama which makes this drama more interesting and must watch. You can say that this is a Bingo worthy drama which gets the rating of 8.6 on IMDb and still one of the best drama for the google users.

Queen and I:

Queen In Hyun's Man | Rakuten Viki

Most of the people thinks that the Queen and I is a History drama but it isn’t completely wrong as it isn’t right. The story of this 16 Episodes drama revolves around the scholar who travel to 300 years into future and met an actress who fall in love with the scholar. This drama was released in 2012 and you can say that this is similar like Rooftop Prince in which the prince travel 300 years into future but this story has different fun and different romance than the Rooftop prince. This drama get attraction recently and that’s why it will available in Hindi now.

Prison Playbook:

K-Drama Prison Playbook Various Artists: Wise Man - Main Title - YouTube

Yes this drama didn’t have much related to the sports but this is one of the most popular Korean Drama and this 16 Episode drama released in 2017 and it’s story revolves around the baseball champion who lead himself into the prison at the most important day and then how they use the baseball techniques to survive in the prison and how they find himself at the critical situation. You will find all suspense and thrill into this drama. This drama is also bingo worthy as it get 9.1 rating on IMDb.

Emergency Couple:

Emergency Couple | Rakuten Viki

If you are the fan of Romance Korean Dramas then this is one of the best Romantic Korean Drama with all aspects as story of this 2014 released drama revolves around the divorce couple who reunited years later and found themselves in front of each others and their feeling rise again for each other. This 21 Episodes drama has the one of the best rating on IMDb of 8.0 and this is also the Bingo worthy drama.

The Three Musketeers:

lee jin wook | Malak Angel | The three musketeers, Korean drama, Musketeers

This drama will give you goosebumps and this drama of 2014 has 12 Episodes but the Bingo worthy story revolves around the three people and the crown princess and you will find the love triangle in this story. This drama has best story but according to my opinion even this story isn’t best as compared to the other drama that’s the reason this get 7.8 rating on IMDb.

Special Affairs Team Ten:

Asian Drama: Special Affairs Team TEN (Season 1)

This is one of the best crime Korean Drama released in 2011 and this 11 Episodes drama story revolves around the group of four people who investigate the crimes in the city of Seoul and these crimes includes serial killers and kidnappers. This drama has the strong story and strong stereotype that’s the reason it get 8.4 rating on IMDb.

These are the drama which will be upload on KDramas Urdu site by HB Hammad Dyar.

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