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What we need to do to save our body?

In this era we must need body care. We have many reason take and need of body care. So I decide to write here about body care and its related factors. In this we not only need a care of one part but we must need clean all body parts as human.

First I tell here why we must need? Then I’m going to explain the ways of cleaning. So as I say why we need there is many more reason the first is cleaning helps to improve the body in relaxation and also to improve the function in proper way. Body cleaning help to better sleep and sleep is very important for everyone. If you keep your body in dirt it causes many infection or disease and others harm things.

It also causes the viral disease. In body clean every part is important to take care. We didn’t say that one is important or others Is not. Suppose if your hands are dirty or you didn’t wash so think about it how many germs on your hands or they enter in your body through food eating. May be it can spread to others like now in days corona virus is spread one to another but if you keep hands clean it didn’t spread or you can also keep save.

Now we move to next is the hair cleaning if they are not clean you can loss hair. Hair cleaning is also important like others parts it prevent from dandruff, scalp itching, sebum or hair fungus also prevent from lice. Ear cleaning prevent from ear puss or ear infection.

Teeth cleaning are also important even some dentist say to brush twice a day. It prevent from tooth decay or plaque. Why must I prefer on the hands washing because it is the single way and most important element in control of infection, particularly regarding transfer of germs which we cannot see from naked eye.

Why we must think first the washing hands because when we sneezing we didn’t know how many germs on our hands and we didn’t wash even we eat something or touch with our hands with another things. Before and after shaking hands to the any patients or friends must wash them.

The fluids or bacteria are on your hands. This is why the health education is must important for everyone so that everyone should know about how we take care of body care. Use hand sanitizer as well as some fragrance lotions so that your skin keep healthy or fresh.

However, what is important is to wash the hands under running water, as warm as tolerable, using either soap or a skin disinfectant according to the circumstances. After the rising hands we need to dry and use some oils or skin care products.

Foot operated pedal bins should be available for disposing of toilet paper so don’t use hands for that if you have that bins. The tap should off with your elbow; using the toilet papers hands are not necessary. So to keep healthy we must take care of hands and other parts of body

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