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Why is the health problems are the issue of countries?

Pakistan is the developing country. Rate of the growth is very rapid and increase day by day. In the result of increasing the community the facility goes to down. We lack many facilities due to growth of community. Like I’m given here some of these problem’s as follow:

   The first is poor sanitation and as well as the others is Unsafe water supply, Squalor, Excessive environmental pollution, Lack of the health departments in towns or small villages, Rabid growth of the pollution in cities, Malnutrition, Diseases, Smoking, Increase mental illness,  High maternal and the child mortality rates. I’m just explain the some common problems here yet they are not the all problems but when I’m thinking on these problems they are just common and everyone know about that but no one take a step to forward for solves these problems. In this matter everyone depend on others and wait for others to solve these types of thing but nobody solve this by himself. Now I’m explaining the reason and cause of these problems briefly here one by one. Like I already tell the first is the poor sanitation. This is the most common and biggest problem here I’m not talking about the backwards areas, small villages or town even the big cities face the same problems.

 I’m just sick of that thinking that if the big cites or high community face that problems then where should we live. In the 70% of the areas there is no problem of sewer system.  The second is unsafe water supply and in our country 40% of population faces that problem they drink unsafe water. This problem cause different diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis etc. The other is food nutrition. Due to poor intake of food, malnutrition commonly cause in children, and anemia in adults. We should have good servings of fruits and vegetables. Chose low-fat milk instead of full cream milk. The other is also the big of common and this problem is also facing anybody. This is environmental pollution. Like I tell in the start this is the major problem and especially in urban areas. Air pollution is due to rapid industrialization and increasing in the traffic pollution. Water pollution caused by the wastes from industrial plants. This is not only harming for people but also for sea life like oil tankers sprinkler wastes in sea and it spoil the marine life.

If I explain every problem here it take many space or time but I’m explains just little bit. The other is health education. In my though health education is not only for treatment job but it also helps in normal life. Everyone take care himself by that education. As a result, common men have no idea what they take food or medication or health needs. The other is Lack of health facilities Proper health facilities are not available for common man. They are available only in big cities. We need to expand these facilities so that everyone takes benefit from that it may be town or small villages.

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