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Why is the sleep best for the health?

Rest is the essential for everybody. It does not mean inactivity. People often find a change of activity as relaxing as a sitting down or lying down but some for swimming and running etc. Freedom from anxiety is important in rest.  Rest means a feeling of peace relief and relaxation.

Sleep is the essential part of our life and normally we sleep 8 hours a day. Sleeping is necessary for refreshing body cells. It is essential for growth and repair of body tissues. Discomfort of any kind interference with a person’s ability to the rest and sleep.  Now I’m here explain some reason or problems of sleep.   The first is the Insomnia the most common and found in every person the second is the Hypersomnia. These two are the change in condition like for example in insomnia the person have no sleep in day even in night but in hypersomnia the person have excessive sleep. The third is Narcolepsy which means sudden irresistible sleep attack and the fourth is Somnambulism is the most common in every second person. It means sleep walking. The fifth is found in children is called Enuresis it means bed wetting. It mostly found in children it depends on satiation. The last is the night terror and it is also found in children.

Insomnia is the most common so I’m decide to explain it. The reason of this disease is may be the changing sleep hour or may the new place of sleep. Faulty habit of hygiene. Another reason is the anxiety, fear or worries.  To prevent from that disease is many steps which we can follow is Encourage the patient who is involves in this situation. Do not use too much medicine it may affect the health. Walk properly and take exercise daily in the morning. Don’t drink too much coffee or caffeine factor elements or drinks. Clean the room and blankets, sheets or pillows. Sleep in the relax position as well as. Warm bath can be help in sleep in the evening. Protect himself from loud noise, lights and odor or dirt. These tips should help in sleep better. You can use the night candles or some fragrance candles it must help in better sleep. Sleep or rest is the power or engine of man. Sleep walking I also a dangerous because the person did not know where he is in sleep so in that type of people must take care while they sleep. Lock the door when you sleep in that situation. In many other countries there are many exercises to prevent that diseases or you can do in your home.  You can check on internet for sleep or relaxing tips. Massage is the best therapy for sleep and walking in sleep. Must take bath in evening it helps the better sleep. Cleanness is the important thing for good sleep or rest in summers or also in winter. You can use the Luke warm water in winters. If you want a sharp mind then take a good sleep.

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