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Why you have to save the clean water for future?

The safe and wholesome water is right of every citizen .Safe water is that water which does not harm the consumer even when we used for long time. Wholesome water is the water, which is agreeable. Such water is acceptable .Now here I’m telling here the way of safe water .Safe and wholesome water is defined as water that is ; free from pathogenic agents , free from harmful chemical substance, pleasant to taste ,useable for domestic purpose . But question is that the water we use how we safe from harmful chemical .Let me tell you here the big reason of dirty water factory waste and chemicals is the big factor of dirty water. In the other hand there are many uses of water because without water there is hope for survive. On the domestic front water is required for Drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. In the other hand in the public use is public cleaning, firefighting, swimming pools and numerous other civil purposes.

Industry is the big economy factor in Pakistan but without water there is no way of industrial development. Some industries like the iron, steel and paper industry need quiet a lot of water. Agriculture is another factor of water uses. The food and the raw material cannot be raised without water. Water is therefore, and essential factor in the economic, social and cultural development of community. From here I’m telling the use of water and some wastage of water. Now I’m telling the source of water the first is the best and natural way is rain the second is the surface water like Rivers or lake water ponds or tanks. The rain water is the prime source of water. Rivers is the common source of water supply. The big advantage is the ground water is there is no need of purification. It needs no any treatment. If we didn’t use the pure water it may cause the many disease which is harm for the human body. Let me tell you the water born disease like Viral, Bacterial, Protozoa, Worm’s and others which may cause the effect. Viral may be hepatitis of every stage, Rota virus diarrhea in in infants. The other hands bacterial may be cause many disease like cholera, Typhoid, Each coli diarrhea. The most common and the worst disease is worms like round worm, thread worm and the fish tape round. In the first paragraph I’m explain the uses and sources and the second paragraph I explain the water born disease and now I’m telling here the methods and ways of purification of water because it is the important topic. On the large scale there are three, Storage and sedimentation, filtration, chlorination. Water can be filtered for purification on small scale also. Iodine and potassium permanganate also can be used for water filtration. It is not good method now a days but potassium is strong way to pure the water. It may kill the cholera vibrio. These are the same method of filtration of water.

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