The United States is bursting due to the trend of Stop Asian hate in US.

As in the last year, there was a lot of news about the hate of black people in the US, and media all over the world was blaming the Former President Donald Trump for this and everyone was following the trend of hashtags like BlackLifeMatters. As it is now the government is changed and it’s true that the trends also change but the problem is the same as it was before that now there are many of many cases about the brutality of US residents on the Asian people but remember one thing that most of the cases are registered by Chinese, Korean and other neighbors of these countries.

According to the US residents, these Asian people are blaming us but the truth is the reverse because Asian people think that they can easily invade the US.

As everyone knows the tensions between the US and Asian countries as from one side the US is going back to home from Afghanistan and on another side, the US has a lot of assumptions about the Chinese as China is growing so fast that they can beat the US and become Superpower. It’s true that China is on the straight road to becoming a superpower but now the US is blocking that road and due to this the people of US also think Chinese as an enemy.

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