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Why is the communication skills are key role of success?

Communication is the exchange of meaning full words, sentences. It can either be spoken or written. There are four communication skills, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. There are two types of communication skills. Verbal communication, Non- verbal communication. Now I explain here both types of communication skills. The first is verbal. It includes words either spoken or written. It is also known as VC. The second is non-verbal. It is also known as NVC. It does not include word; it carries signs, facial expressions, signals, Gestures. Anything which hinders the communication is called hindrance to communication. Minimum two people are required for the communication. This is called the way of communication. The second person receives the message and decodes the message. Every message is send by a channel. No communication is complete without feedback. The message received by the receiver and his reply to the sender is known as feedback. Bad communication is the communication in which the person is unknown of hoe to speak, how to reply the other person. Some people don’t know how to communicate to others that’s why they all the time failure.

 There are four communication skills. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. These all skills are passive if the cognitive skill is passive. When the cognitive skill is active, all other skills will be active due to cognitive skill. Reading is also one of the ways of communication. Reading is one of the communication skills. Skimming and scanning are the two speed reading techniques. Skimming, Scanning. These two techniques enable the students to read or cover the vast amount of reading material. Both these techniques are same in process and same in purpose but different in purpose. Skimming is a speed reading technique. It is a method of quickly moving your eyes on the reading material. It means to get a bird’s eye view of the reading material. It is useful for three different situations. The three main situations in which the skimming proves to be a useful technique is as follows; Pre-reading, Reviewing, Reading. Skimming is very useful to get the idea about the reading material. Title of the book. This all is pre-reading. Skimming is also very useful for re-viewing and reading the summary. Skimming is also very important for quick reading. Reading of the title page, reading of the index, reading of the contents of the book, reading of the first paragraphs, reading of the last paragraph, reading of the topic sentence of every paragraph and reading of the nouns. It is also a speed reading technique but it has a purpose of getting only important, specific and targeted information. It is specifically a good technique to get the specific name, date, and any fact without reading the whole article. Communication not only for just one person but it also for all because it helps to improve confidence or it helps a proper life. We note that if anybody has these skills they easily find a job or win the others hearts the secret is that they have some communication skills.

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