Who kill Noyan?

Everyone (who watch Ertugrul) curious about the killer of Noyan and want to know who actually killed Noyan.

Noyan is the strong villain in the Turkish Series named as Dirillis Ertugrul which becomes most famous series in the world when it release in Urdu Language in Pakistan which got 360 Millions Viewers in just one month.

Noyan is the most dangerous villain in Ertugrul Series who killed many Muslims and other enemies of your own. Basically, Noyan was the leader of Genghis Khan’s most powerful attacking combat.

But Noyan used magic to kills so many enemies which made him worse and more worse and when Genghis Khan feel that he took advantage of him then he order to get rid of him. This is not in the series of Ertugrul but mentioned in many history books. So, Genghis Khan killed his most powerful commander.

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