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Friends can be bad for you

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Before telling you how friends can be bad for you or for your young teen boys, I want to tell you a story of a boy and father.

                     There was a poor farmer in the village. He had a son who was always with your friends and wasting his time to tease other people with your friends. People always warned Farmer to kick him and his son out of the village but his son always do what his friends want him to do. One day a farmer came back to home with some fresh apples and a disease apple. And the farmer gave the fresh apples to his son and then give him a disease apple and said “Put this apple in between the other apples.” He first hesitated and said, “It would be bad” but then he put in between them then the farmer told him to wait till morning. In the morning, the boy said “I told it would be bad to the other fresh apples”. Then the farmer smile and said, “Place himself to that apples because if your surrounding will not be good then you will be considered as a bad.” The boy understood his mistake and leave those friends and both live a happy life forever.

                    Now you can understand how the friends can be bad for you. If you choose good friends then you will be happy forever but if you choose bad friends then it can be happy for a moment but you can’t happy forever. As there is a saying “Make good friends it doesn’t matter you have only one.” This mean it doesn’t matter how much friends you have but it matters who is your friend. Many people also judge friends from their money but it doesn’t matter too that your friend is poor or rich. But you have to be careful if you are rich and your friend is poor because it can affect his feeling as we discuss in the last article that jealousy can take you to the bad habits. If you are rich and your friend is poor then you have to care while talking to him/her because if you talk as you are proud of your money then it can hurt your friend. If you are poor but your friend is a rich one then you have to keep in your mind that in friendship it does matter what your friend said to you two minutes ago if you fight two minutes ago then you have to forget and become friends again and this is the real friendship. If you are poor and your friend is rich then you have to place the money aside and you don’t have to feel low even when the people tease you. You have to defend your friend and the best way to defend yourself is to talk not to fight. I am not saying that if someone want to harm you even then you talk but if the opposite one wants to talk you don’t have to fight and you have to defend yourself and your friend with talk.

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