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How to save Hair from hair loss and make them luster?

Hair is the natural beauty for human. Everyone have a wish of beautiful long or short hair .But the long hair isn’t enough it also add the factor of care because without care you will loss hair. Today I’m telling here the some tips of hair care the purpose is that the everyone must know that and  do some work on the hair for beautiful hair. Firstly I tell the purpose why we must care of hair because many people do not know how to wash and care of hair and why? So that’s why I choose the topic to explain why we must take care of hair. To keep hair clean and healthy. To promote the growth of hair. To have a neat and tidy appearance.  To prevent the hair loss .To prevent the itching, infection and some other diseases. To prevent the dirt. These are the purpose now I’m explaining the method of basic care of hair. Wash daily hair with Luke warm water do not use the hot water it cause the dandruff. Use the shampoo but first mix in the simple water then apply on hair. Use the conditioner as well as for 5 minutes.

 Use hair mask there are many brands in market if you not afford that just use the homemade mask even that is the better for hair. Use oil at daily routine. Oiling is the best for hair growth it also save from hair loss. Many oils have a power booster for hair growth and also help to prevent from dandruff. Don’t use the chemical shampoo for hair it damage your hair. I can see now a day every one crazy about hair dye or coloring but they didn’t know how it damages the scalp or hair roots. Now I’m going to tell some measurements to prevent the hair problems. A dirty scalp cannot function normally. Don’t scratch the scalp with finger nail during washing as it may cause infection. Combs must be clean and these must be separate from another comb. Brushing and shampoo must be for clean the lice and remove the dandruff.  Liquid soap and shampoo is the best used for hair washing it can easily wash the hair and remove all the dirt and fine particles. Soap amplifies the oil of the hair and permits easy washing. Shampoo with contain alcohol; make the hair dirty dry and brittle. Lemon rinse gives lusters to the hair. Soap should be thoroughly rinsed out from hair and scalp to prevent sticking. The acetic acid in vinegar is used to dissolve the gummy substance which attack nits in the hair. In summer we wash daily hair in winter’s we didn’t pay attention to the body and hair care but it really necessary. Use at least hair serum if you didn’t take daily care it helps the regrowth of hair and make strong follicles. If your hair roots strong you can make any style. Make new styles to give shine of hair but did not use any hair spray it cause the hair dryness or hair loss.

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